Interview with Harvin Moore

Harvin sat down recently with Charles Kuffner, the noted Houston political blogger and columnist for the Houston Chronicle, concerning the issues surrounding this year’s school board race, on the November ballot. Listen here to the entire interview: Charles Kuffner Interview with Harvin Moore You can also listen to the interview on Off The Kuff, Kuffner’s […]

Why Support the HISD Bond?

As a reader of my blog, you know that I spend considerable time on my volunteer role to which you helped elect me – Trustee of the Houston Independent School District. You probably also know that the HISD Board has placed a large bond referendum on the ballot. And if you’re like me, you would […]

What Do Teachers Make? A Difference!

This is a powerful video that has been making the circuit among teachers for several years.  It captures the passion it takes to teach, and the essence of why it matters so much more than almost anything else. Twelve years ago when Taylor Mali (of National Poetry Slam fame) first wrote this “poem” (which appears […]